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Since the year had been filled with highs, lows and everything in between we felt the event should offer a space to reflect on this year and get ready to usher in the New Year focusing on a plan of action that would move women towards our leadership goals. The event theme is 'Reflecting Back, Powering Forward'. 

Successful professionals from all walks of life actively engage in reflective thinking, reflective learning and reflective practice in their everyday activities. Life experiences such as a marriage, divorce, bereavement, the loss of a job or start of a new career, often act as a prompt for reflection, but how often do you actively engage in reflection for personal development? Open University 

As a term used in academic and professional contexts, 'reflection' broadly covers 'reflective thinking', 'reflective learning', and 'reflective practice'. Reflections offer us an opportunity to display self-direction, towards progressing as a leader in order to advance our own knowledge and understanding and develop new skills so that we achieve the best of ourselves. We are ultimately responsible for our own development, by thinking about what you do well, what you need to improve, and setting priorities and goals. Reflection consequently plays a crucial role in learning and the self-development of ourselves.

The event will feature group work and a talk by motivation speaker Jackie Bailey, Managing Director of BEE You! (Brilliant Excellent Exceptional You!) Personal Development. BEE You! provides transformational coaching workshops, seminars and retreats for women. 



This event will offer you the opportunity to recognise the importance and benefits of reflection, provide ideas to shape and plan your leadership journey plus offer practical strategies to help manage ourselves in any given situation. 

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