-1 days -7 hours -7 mins -37 secs

This training is an introduction in managing personal finances effectively. Having confidence in managing personal finances is key helping you stay in control of your money even when you experience sudden change in your earnings. This training looks at why it is important to have confidence in managing personal finances and how we can change our experiences through implementing steps in building that confidence. We also look at how to cope without or with minimal finances.

What's it about?
  • Understanding personal behaviours that drive the decisions regarding money 
  • Why confidence is important in managing personal finances
  • Steps to managing money confidently 
  • Coping without or with minimal finances (Asylum Seekers, Job loss, no recourse to public funds, single mums etc) 

Who's it for? 

Individual women, Community members, SAWN, WAST, MHPP members. 

  • To gain and build skills in managing personal finances confidently 
  • To develop self-awareness/self-worth in relation to managing your finances. 
  • To understand the importance of managing your money. 
  • To better organise and take control of personal finances. 


WRC expects participants to:

  • Respect this training to be women-only.
  • Respect the other participants and WRC staff/associates, treat everyone fairly and without prejudice or discrimination
  • Be an active listener to other participants' stories
  • Respect and appreciate the knowledge and expertise of the other participants
  • Encourage other participants to speak and contribute to discussions
  • Respect the confidentiality in the room - share the learning but not the person
  • Never engage in patronising, abusive, threatening or intrusive behaviour

WRC reserves the right to refuse entry and admission to anyone who is in breach of the above Terms and Conditions. WRC reserves the right to cease participants involvement if in breach of the above Terms and Conditions (prior or during event).

This training is funded for members of Support and Action Women's Network (SAWN), Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) and Mama Health and Poverty Partnership (MHaPP) and other asylum seeking or refugee women in Greater Manchester.

If you do not fulfil the above criteria the following applies:

WRC Members: £25

Non-members: £50

Thank you for registering for our event, however this event is now closed for registrations. Please have a look at our training and events calendar for our upcoming training.