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WRC’s Feminist Leadership Training is training with a person-centred approach that enables women to recognise their leadership traits, explore the relationship between feminism, intersectionality and leadership, learn about practical tools, share good practice and exchange dialogue about specific specialist subjects to enable and initiate social change. This one-day version of the programme covers topics such as feminism, intersectionality and leadership, emotional intelligence, interrupting unconscious bias and preventing burnout.

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When and Where?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this training is taking place online. Since it's taking place online, the training has been split into 2 x half-day sessions. Each participant will be sent a link upon successful registration. 

The training is taking place on:

Thursday 9 June, 10am-1.130pm
Friday 10 June, 10am-1.30pm

Please note that the two sessions make up the full day of training. We are therefore expecting participants to attend both sessions.

Who’s it for?

This training is for women staff members or volunteers in the voluntary and community sectors, local authorities and private sector. This training is only available to those who have attended Feminist Leadership Day I training prior. 

The Feminist Leadership Day 1 is being delivered during the winter/spring 0f 2021/2022. To attend, please register via links below:

Feminist Leadership DAY 1 | 5 & 6 May 2022

Feminist Leadership DAY 1 | 19 & 20 May 2022

Feminist Leadership DAY 1 | 23 & 24 May 2022

What’s it about?

This is the second day of the Feminist Leadership training and explores the role of power and values for the leader.

Power, Relationships and Practice

In this module we explore and reflect on power and its impact on organisational values, practice and culture. Through reflective and interactive work and by sharing tools and resources, we will investigate power, empowerment and relationship management with a focus on creating social change both internally and externally to the organisation. 

Values, Organisational Culture and Transformative Change

This module analyses and explores how the values and principles of feminist leadership are reflected in your organisational practices. We will investigate and identify practical steps to aide this work and we will share tools and resources for creating transformative change and for managing conflicts, challenges and projects. 


By the end of the programme participants will have:

  • Increased their confidence in taking leadership positions
  • Increased understanding of the relevance of power in feminist leadership
  • Increased ability to make the practice of power visible, democratic, legitimate and accountable
  • Increased ability to challenge visible, hidden and invisible power wherever it operates and especially where it constructs and reinforces women’s subordination
  • Increased ability to manage relationships and teams
  • Increased knowledge about values and principles and their relevance to feminist leadership
  • Gained capabilities of how to apply an intersectional and feminist way of working
  • Gained knowledge about what it entails to be a feminist leader

What does our alumni say?

"My ability to see how I could exercise leadership through a feminist lens is so exciting. I will carry these methods/attitudes/skills into my work moving forward."

"Excellent training. So much to take in. Well presented and incredibly engaging. Incredibly informative. Fantastic energy and passion"

"It was fantastic. Very supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Lots of practical tools that are useful and relevant. Has impacted how I'll think about and approach my team in terms of our direction. I also feel good - which is important"


Feminist Leadership (DAY 2): £95

Membership Discounts

Sisterhood Members: 25% discount

Solidarity & Activist Members: 10% discount

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CPD Accreditation

This training course is CPD Accredited. Upon completion, each attendant will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

The Facilitators

The training is designed and delivered by two facilitators: Evelina Svensson (Development Manager at Women's Resource Centre) and Tebussum Rashid (Deputy Chief Executive at Black Training and Enterprise Group).


WRC expects participants to:

  • Respect this training to be women-only.
  • Respect the other participants and WRC staff/associates, treat everyone fairly and without prejudice or discrimination
  • Respect that you will have to have attended the Feminist Leadership day 1 training before attending this
  • Be an active listener to other participants' stories
  • Respect and appreciate the knowledge and expertise of the other participants
  • Encourage other participants to speak and contribute to discussions
  • Respect the confidentiality in the room - share the learning but not the person
  • Never engage in patronising, abusive, threatening or intrusive behaviour

WRC reserves the right to refuse entry and admission to anyone who is in breach of the above Terms and Conditions. WRC reserves the right to cease a participants involvement if in breach of the above Terms and Conditions (prior or during event).

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