Our Feminist Leadership training provides you with theoretical and practical skills in feminist leadership that you will be able to apply in your life, in your organisation and in your community. We are offering this training as tailored/bespoke in-house training to organisations.

This training allows a focus and emphasis on the particular needs, culture and relationships of the organisation in question. 

The training is offered in 1-day and 2-day versions and is available both face-to-face and online (when delivered online each day will be split up into two half-days). 

Content of the training



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Content of the training


Session 1

Feminism, Intersectionality and Leadership – an introduction

In this module we briefly introduce the concepts of feminism and intersectionality, particularly through a leadership lens.   

Emotional Intelligence

This session investigates the ‘four components’ of emotional intelligence through group work and self-reflection and analyse whether and how emotional intelligence is important to the feminist leader.

Session 2

Unconscious Bias Interrupted

This session investigates what unconscious bias is, where it originates from, how it can manifest and how it can be interrupted.

Burnout: Signs, Impact, Cause and Prevention

Burnout and exhaustion is a serious condition that mainly affects women. We investigate what burnout is, its symptoms and what causes burnout at the workplace. We consider measures, policies and procedures that the work place could take to prevent burnout happening to their staff.


Session 1

Power, Relationships and Practice

In this module we explore and reflect on power and its impact on organisational values, practice and culture. Through reflective and interactive work and by sharing tools and resources, we will investigate power, empowerment and relationship management with a focus on creating social change both internally and externally to the organisation. 

Session 2

Values, Organisational Culture and Transformative Change

This module analyses and explores how the values and principles of feminist leadership are reflected in your organisational practices. We will investigate and identify practical steps to aide this work and we will share tools and resources for creating transformative change and for managing conflicts, challenges and projects. 


The training is designed and delivered by two facilitators. Tebussum Rashid is the Deputy CEO at ARE (Action on Race Equality). She has over 25 years’ experience of working with the voluntary and community sector, not only assisting with organisational development issues, funding and fundraising but also helping create and develop new organisations and projects, influencing policy and societal change. Evelina Svensson is the Development Manager at Women’s Resource Centre. Evelina has a life-long commitment to women’s human rights and is the initiator and project manager of this programme. 

Having two facilitators increases the high quality of the programme, as they complement each other in their competencies and capabilities. Having two trainers with different experiences, and who are at different stages in their career, enables a less hierarchical and more collaborative setting with the participants. It also enables a safe, open and interactive atmosphere within the room. 


Half-day training £600 
1-day training £1,200 (CPD Accredited)
2-days training £2,300 (CPD Accredited)

Membership discounts

WRC Sisterhood members: 25%

WRC Solidarity members: 10%

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The price is applicable for training delivered to groups of maximum 14 participants with 2 trainers. The prices are for training taking place Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.

We are able to deliver training on days/times outside of this but in those cases the prices may differ.

NB: The prices are without expenses which will be added to the final cost when delivering training face-to-face outside London.

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For more detail about the training and our offers, please contact Evelina Svensson on [email protected] or call us on 02076973450.

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