Applications for the Black & Minoritised Women’s Fund are submitted through an online form (via Google forms).

Here, applicants can fill in the application form and upload the required supporting documents.

If you require the application form in a different format (e.g. large font), please contact [email protected].

We have endeavoured to make the application process & form as simple as possible. If you have any questions or issues applying, please contact [email protected].

Before you apply:

  • Read the application guidance in full
  • Check you are eligible (see point 2 of this guidance)
  • Please be aware you will need a Google account to submit your application. If you don’t already have on it only takes a few minutes to set up (and is free to do). You can do this here.
  • Make sure you have your supporting documents ready (see point 9 in this guidance
  • Prepare your budget using the template provided

After you have submitted:

  • Your application will be assessed by the panel.
  • WRC will be in touch with all applicants by email within one month of the deadline.
  • Those who are not successful will be given feedback, which we hope will be useful for future applications

One application per organisation or group.  Applicants can apply for either £5,000 or £10,000 grants, but not both. 

£5,000 grants invitations will open in 21st June 2021. Or if applying for £10,000 grants invitations will open on 1st September 2021.

Applications must be submitted electronically by the deadline date and time. For £5,000 grants this must be submitted by 3pm on 21 July 2021. Should you have accessibility needs, please get in touch with us to by phone 0207 697 3450 or email [email protected] to arrange for Word or large print formats to be sent to you. 

For £10,000 grants must be submitted by 3pm on 1 October 2021.

All applications will assessed by an assessment panel whose decisions will be final.  Panel members will include one WRC staff, a representative of BTEG and three network member organisations of the WRC. 

Assessments will be made against the criteria and impact scoring system.

Panel members will be reviewing the quality of the proposed use of core funds, looking for clearly articulated benefits to the organisation and defined beneficiaries (i.e. Black and minoritised women and/or girls). They will be looking at the importance and relevance of the issue and the strength of the idea. This might include the number and range of beneficiary, the degree of benefit, the vulnerability of the target group, any deprivation and/or inequality factors. In addition, assessors will be looking for clear evidence that the organisation applying has been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 and clear evidence that the core grant will make a difference to the delivery critical services. 

WRC will be in touch with all applicants by email within one month of the deadline.  Those who are not successful will be given feedback, which we hope will be useful for future applications.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Women-led by and for Black and minoritised organisation or group
  • Minimum of 75% of senior team and/or trustees are women from Black and minoritised backgrounds
  • Have a total turnover of less than £100,000 for £5,000 grant
  • Have a total turnover of less than £350,000 for £10,000 grant.
  • Directly deliver services to black and minoritised women and girls.
  • Be an organisation impacted by COVID-19
  • Be delivering services in England
  • Be a charitable organisation or group with a written governing document; constitution or article of association document
  • Have an organisational bank account, or have a registered charity able to be accountable/hold funds on your behalf, which requires two different/independent people to authorise payments or cheques
  • Overall difference and benefits core funds will have on your organisation and Black and minoritised women and girls beneficiaries’.

The available fund is £230,000, which is why we plan on making twenty-two (22) £5,000 grants and twelve (12) £10,000 grants.  We acknowledge there will be some disappointed organisations, but with the support of successful organisations awarded funds WRC can continue to make the case for better representation and funding of underfunded black and minoritised organisations and wider women’s sector.