These grants are to help Black and minoritised women’s organisations, led-by-and-for women, which have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, to support women and girls, dealing with the impact of COVID-19.

We are really keen to fund small organisations that have limited access to funds and without funding core costs may consider reducing services or closing.

You will already be doing great work to support local women and girls or recently started to assist communities impacted by COVID-19.  You should have a track record of being well run and have a good understanding of the needs of women and girls.  You should be ready and able to deliver services. 

Organisations/groups must be able to spend all of the £10,000 grant by December 2022, or within twelve (12) months of signed agreement.

To be eligible for a grant, an organisation must:

  1. Be a Black and minoritised women’s organisation, led-by-and-for women, which is at least 75% of your senior team and trustees are women from Black and minoritised backgrounds.
  1. Have an annual turnover of less than £350,000 for £10,000 grants.
  2. Directly deliver services to Black and minoritised women and girls.
  3. Be an organisation impacted by COVID-19.
  4. Have an organisational bank account, or have a registered charity able to be accountable/hold funds on your behalf, which requires two different/independent people to authorise payments or cheques.
  5. Be delivering services in England
  6. Be a charitable organisation* with written governing document, i.e. constitutions or articles of associations

*eligible organisation types include:

Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), Charitable company (limited by guarantee), Unincorporated association, Trust, Company, Club